Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:36 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Appeals Court Rules Against Muslim Ban is it Over?

America can take a deep breath, for now.  The Appeals court voted unanimously to uphold the decision of the Washington State court.  

What does that mean? For now, travel restrictions remain lifted.  Is it permanent?  Well that questionably.  Trump Tweeted, “See You in court.” Which means, he will fight the ruling but what options does he have?  

He can try to take the matter to the Supreme Court but its not that simple.  The Court has to agree to hear a case. The Supreme Court usually hears cases that have Constitutional significance.  Will they consider this a case of Constitutional significance?  Who knows, recently Trump hasn’t been very kind to the Judicial Branch.

Sorry to say, it’s not over.  We must continue to make our voices heard.  


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