Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:48 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Donald Trump is President…..let the Dumb Stuff begin!!

As we start this journey into what I like to call, “the world’s longest acid trip” how do we stay sane.  I’m mean somebody needs to be sane seeing how the leader of the free world seems to be a nut case.

First remember, “we the people” run these United States.  Let’s take a look back at how these United Sates started.  Our founding fathers rose against their oppress, England.  Their battle cry, “no taxation without representation”.   When creating our great nation they wanted to insure this nation was run by the people, each state would be represented by elected officials chosen by the people.

There in our power lies.  We elect those we see fit to govern.  Having the power to elect our representatives has lost its shininess.  This time many of us sat at home on Election Day.  Many of us said, “I don’t like either candidate” and our fate was then chosen by middle America.  The place most of us forgot existed.  The place we fly over going from L.A to NewYork.  They wanted change.  They were tired of seeing their country be run by minorities, liberals, gays and women apparently.  They wanted the good ole days back.  You know the days when “the others” knew their place.  So they voted for the guy who promised to “Make America Great Again” or like some of us, that belong to the other groups, like to say, “Make America White Again”.  So middle America and angry white people everywhere and a few very confused minorities voted for Mr. Trump.

Here we are…..in some sick presidential reality show.  They purged and we let it happen.  We the people forgot our power.  We counted on everything just working out.


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