Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:38 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Investigation Bringing Trump Closer to Impeachment?

Everyday more information is found linking Trump to Russia.  Ties to the Russian Mafia and financial arguments with Russians.  Trump claimed he had no business with Russia yet everyone around him has one or more connections to Russia.

Comey held a quite meeting with select member of congress on the Russian investigation.  How close is the FBI to publicly releasing damning information about Trumps prior and current relationship with Russia.

When under oath will Trump lie about those connections?  Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a personal relationship under oath.  Lying under oath could end Trump’s Presidency.  

Trump can’t get through one of his pep rally’s without lying, how could he sustain hours or testimony and remain truthful? More importantly how deep does this treachery go?  Is Pence involved?  Are members of Congress Russian working with Russia?  All this remains to be seen.  We are barely one month into Trumps Presidentcy and more damning evidence surfaces daily.

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    We deenfitily need more smart people like you around.


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