Saturday, 16/12/2017 | 10:30 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

MAGA or Business as Usual in Washington 

President Trump was elected for being different.  His promise was to drain the swamp, no more business as usual in Washington.  He was elected on the promise of Making American Great Again.      

The bombings on Syria were a departure from Trump’s America first policy.  Many of Trumps core supporters are against America intervention in the Syrian civil war.  Trump himself Tweeted several times that Barack Obamas should not bomb Syria.  This new policy looks more like the Bush administration than the focus on America Trump promised. 

Steve Bannon’s removal from the National Security Counsel was also a move away from what Trump supporters expect.  As Bannon role is diminishing Jaraed Kushner’s role expands.

Trump is becoming the very thing his supporters did not want, a politician.

PS Mr. President

Your base is pissed.



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