Saturday, 16/12/2017 | 10:31 UTC+0
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Obamacare Hasn’t Changed, Perception Changed, Obamacare became a White Issue

Republicans successfully turned Americans against Obamacare Care by convincing people it was an entitlement for the others.”

It’s for them, others will get healthcare and you will pay for it.  Little did the Republican leadership understand, those same people have become dependent on Obamacare.  They thought they were receiving The Affordable Care Act, not understanding it was Obamacare.  The Republicans and Faux News sold the people a bill of lies.  People chanted to repeal and replace the very life saving care they needed.

When Obamacare was life saving care for others, it was horrible.  Now it has become the healthcare of White Americans.  Now it must stay.  Change in perception only, the problem with this type of con game is healthcare is tangible.  If people lose their healthcare, the pain is felt immediately.  

Obamacare is not perfect, in part because of Republicans.  They never wanted to see it succeed because they don’t want healthcare for the people, never did.  They don’t care if White, Black, Hispanic or any American dies from lack of medical care.  What they do care about is losing there seats in Congress.  

As the perception of Obamacare changed, Republicans realized if they dismantled Obamacare their constituents may not vote for them again.  At lease that’s how the moderates felt.  The Freedom Caucus wouldn’t vote for Trumpcare because it offered to much.  They don’t believe in any entitlements, including Medicare and Social Security.  Understand, they don’t want to help the average American.  Surprise!!!  People that need help voted for this all White, all male caucus.

Now that we understand Obamacare Care is for all of us, what’s next?  The same civil action we used to save Obamacare must be used to fix Obamacare.  It’s being hindered in some areas because of Republican interference.  The biggest block to Obamacare is the Insurance Lobby.  Insurance companies make large contributions to our lawmaker and what do they receive in return, lawmakers protect their interest?  The needs of the Insurance companies are more important than the needs of the people.  We need to take a look at what how  Insurance companies interact with our lawmakers.

We need to take the country back!  If our leadership does not represent our interest they need to be replaced by those that do.  We also need to change the perception on multiple issues.  The American people need to understand these are our issues!


Mr. President you lose and the American people win!



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