Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:47 UTC+0
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Has Sessions Committed Perjury?

Apparently lying under oath is no reason for an Attorney General to resign.  Sessions said, he did not speak to the Russians during Trump’s campaign at his confirmation hearings.  Well, that was a lie but, was it perjury?

What is perjury, when testifying before congress?  Along with the handful of other statutes that criminalize dishonest statements made to Congress, it requires prosecutors to prove that a defendant “willfully” made a statement he knew to be untrue. In other words, Sessions would’ve had to lie on purpose, not simply utter a falsehood by accident. 

Sessions is saying he met with the Russian Ambassador in his capacity as a Senator.  He’s asserting he never spoke to the Russian Ambassadors as a representative of the Trump campaign.  Therefore it’s difficult to prove if he perjured himself without, understanding his intent.

Sessions knew if he admitted meeting with Russians during his confirmation, there would have been more questions.  The more he was questioned under oath the more likely he would perjurer himself, without doubt.

As usual, more questions than answers.  One by one Trump’s men are tainted, when is it Trumps turn?  Corruption starts at the top, it’s only a matter of time before the US intelligence community pulls its Trump card. Pun intended. 



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