Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:38 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

The Alt-Right Agenda

Trump’s back on Twitter.  Why??? Fascist leaders need to be able to reach the masses day or night.

 While most of Americans are wondering what he’s thinking, Trumps base loves his crazy Twitter rants.  Hate needs fuel and Trump continues to stroke the Alt-Right fire.  

We are a nation divided.  Most of us cringe with shame when POTUS tweets, but there is a growing group of Americans hyped up on hate and power.  They love to see POTUS showing how powerful he is, which makes them feel America is powerful and indirectly makes them powerful. 

They lost their country to a Black President.  They lost their jobs to the Mexicans.  Almost lost their balls to Hilary Clinton.

This growing minority want the old ways back and Trumps has given them that chance.  They can show the Muslims and the rest of us who’s boss.  They feel safer now.  That new found safety is not because of the Muslim Ban, it’s because they have the power.

While the Alt-Right’s masses squirm with joy those with real power are planning the money grab.  Deregulation and Trillion Dollar infrastructure deal, now that’s the real reason for the resurgence of Nationalism.

So where does that leave us??  Basically screwed.  Don’t get me wrong the money will flow, and we might get a bit.  Last time, you get a Mc Mansion and you get a Mc Mansion!  Then it all fell down and if you were smart enough you got a lesson in Credit Swap Defaults.  Many just got a lesson in defaults.

On another note they might start WWIII.  If so say goodbye to a generation of sons.  The money won’t go back to the American economy, last time Halliburton got the profits.  This time the Billionaire Cabinet will divide the profits for the next generation of “one percenters”.  

When it all falls down who will the Alt-Right blame???  Everyone except themselves.  That’s your bed time story for tonight.  Alt-Right and sleep tight.


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