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They Made Hillary Clinton a Villain We Made Her President 

I’m guilty of my own Hillary jokes now and again but I joke about everybody.  I’m still laughing at the time my Mom fell in the driveway, bless her heart.  All that being said, with all due respect, Hillary is a bad Bitch.  I joke, but I respect her.  

The election was so contentious I got numb.  When I stepped into the voter’s booth that changed, I was over come with emotions when I scribbled a mark next to her name.  I thought to myself, Hillary Rodam Clinton, POTUS.

As HRC was smeared, bythe media during the election, I conducted my own research.  I still remember a clip of HRC visiting a country with universal healthcare.  She was working to understand the in’s and out’s.  She was trying to understand how it worked for other countries before the American people believed it was possible.  She knew we needed healthcare then, as the First Lady of the United States of America she never had to worry about healthcare for herself but she knew, we needed healthcare. 

There was something about that moment for me. She was lovely and eager to learn.  HRC wanted to give a lasting gift to the American people, for Republicans, that’s when she became enemy number one.

There is something we need to accept, the Republican Party doesn’t give a shit about the people.  They tried to destroy Bill Clinton.  They impeached the man for lying about cheating on his wife something most Republicans politicians have done.  They didn’t care about his private life they only cared he cut taxes for the rich and balanced the budget.  Bill Clinton balanced the budget, I can’t emphasize that enough.  They vilified him because he fairly taxed the rich and gave America financial security.  We all know what happened next within eight years of a Republican Presidency we face the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

In eight short years the Republicans brought our nation to its knees by cutting taxes and regulation.  The attack on Bill then Hillary was about their work to help the American people, a balanced the budget and the attempt to provide healthcare for Americans people.  That was their crime.  The very people that shouted, “Lock her up” needed a Hillary Clinton.  They needed the kind of concern she had for Americans.  Why do people vote for Republicans against their own interest?

We own Hillary Clinton a debt of gratitude.  She an Bill fought like hell for us.  It’s was never, “The emails” it was her desire to make America better for those of us that aren’t part of the one percent. The Republican Party doesn’t give a damn about us.  They tried to destroy Hillary Clinton because she does.


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