Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:36 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Trump Blames Obama for Wire Taps  

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In the spy book that is now The United States of America, Donald Trump goes on a Twitter rant against Obama then schwarzenegger about the Apprentice.  What is happening to America.

As Trump feels the heat of multiple connection being discovered between his staff and Russian diplomats he attacks.  

It’s commonly known that the intelligence community monitors the communications of Russian diplomat.  As the wall close in with the possibility that some of this audio will become public, he blames Barack Obama.  

Perhaps this is his response to The Obama Administration distribution of key evidence related to the Russian hack to several areas in the government to insure it’s safety upon the arrival of the Trump Administration.

Standing on the worlds biggest bully pull pit, Trump feels comfortable attacking anyone without proof.  Americans are hoping the intelligence community has recordings of these conversation with Russia.  Evidence collected by our intelligence community. It’s likely the only way the truth will be exposed.

The problem is where is the evidence against Obama. The accusation is political, a way to sure his base.  Blame Obama, Trump always needs an enemy, Hillary, the press, Muslims, Mexicans the list goes on and on. As usual Trump tries to turn attention away from his wrong doing to anyone, including the former president.

You’ve only confused your base Mr. President, the rest of the world sees you for who you are.  It’s only a matter of time before we know the truth.



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