Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:39 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Trump Compromised by Russia???

We can not lose sight of Russia interference with our election. Even more than that, how was Trump involved? Did he know that he was being helped by Russia? Did he conspire with Russia?

Trumps actions have been so unbelievably, his ties to Russia are hidden under a pile of missteps and blunders. The Muslim Band, Twidder rants, the border wall, and bad diplomatic relations with our allies are distractions.  These things are horrible but what about Russia.

The information was released, Russia intentionally undermined the election with the intention of Trump being elected.  Congress attended a classified briefing, due to its confidential status were unable to share the details.  We deserve to know. 

Where is the investigation? 

Could POUTS be comprised?
 Will he stand in the way of an investigation?

How can America be sure that our Commander and chief is not being influenced by Russia?  

Trump said he has respect for Putin in his Super Bowl interview.  Then basically said the US is just as bad as Russia!  After that interview there are more questions than answers!


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