Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:40 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Trump’s Administration Attempts to Interfere  with FBI Investigation

Americans wait for the US intelligence community to bring charges against Trump for colluding with Russia to win the Presidency.  This week   Trump’s Administration asks the FBI to deny there is any connection. Which the FBI refused to do, then leaked the information to the American press.

This is out of line for any Administration.  The American government is built on checks and balances.  We have survived as a democracy because no on person hold all the power.  The court system, legislation and the executive seat share the power. Even more, except for Nixon, no American President has ever attempted to sway an investigation by the intelligence community of the United States.

It’s more than an unspoken rule, it’s the law.  Which at one time meant something.  The FBI investigates crime and the President stays out of the way.  Except for now, when the President is the focus of said investigation.

When the “unverified dossier” circulated Washington no one was willing to release the story because it was unverified.  The American press protected, by the 1st Amendedment won’t release a story unless it’s been proven, and the dossier, although riveting was not proven.  Little by little the dossier has been proven to be true.  The Russians  interfered with the American election to elect President Trump and the connections to Russia go deeper than than imagined.

President Trump continue to charge the American media with being “fake news”.  A tactic used by authoritative governments.  “Don’t trust the media, trust your leader.”  In America we don’t just trust our leaders, we live in the land of the  1st Amendment, the land of free speech.  Our forefathers gave ous freedom of the press and we stand by that right.

This Administration denounces the free press at every turn.  Why???  Does our President have secret?  Has the leader of the free world been compromised by Russia?

Once again there are more questions than answers.  According to the “unverified dossier” Russia wanted to undermine American democracy.  Well it looks as though they have, Americans now wonder if the President is legitimate.  As questions are asked our President calls the free press, “fake news.”

Has the President of the Untied Stated been comprised by Russia?  Were rich Russians the only ones willing to finance the President wh n the US refused to loan him more money?  Did he make deals with the Rusdians?  Is Russia blackmailing Trump?  Even worse did he make a deals with them to overlook his debt if he changed US policy and removed Russian sanctions?  All this remains to be seen.  Once again more questions than answers.  As American await the truth, the resistance grows.  

Viva la resistance! 


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