Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:46 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Trump’s Aides in Communication with Russia for Over a Year

Another shocking revelation form the Trump camp.   Flynn’s was forced resignation for communicating with Russians before the elections.  Now we’re finding out that Trump’s aides have been in communication with the Russians for over a year.

What is going on???  This feels like a movie.  How does something like this happen in America?  This shows us we have more problem then our Southern border.  The threat of terrorism could pale in comparison to Russian agent, infiltrating the highest levels of government.  The President has access to top secret information.  The President holds the nuclear codes.

If the Russia helped Trump get elected, there was a reason.  Can we accept our President owes his seat in power to Russia?

We cannot let this go.  If our elected officials won’t protect the integrity of the Presidency, we will elect new leaders.  The legislative branch is elected by the people for the people.  If our elected officials are more concerned with stating in power then protecting us, the people they are sworn to protect, we need new leaders.

There is a lot of smoke and now we’re seeing fire.  Trump has thrown everyone under the bus except Putin.  Trump has said how he respects Putin.  He has said he has a relationship with Putin.  Now all of this.  What else do we need to believe this President is in league Russia.  

So I ask again, has the President been comprised? Do we have a Russian agent in the Whit House?


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