Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:37 UTC+0
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Trump and Russia

As President Trump prepares to meet with Putin tomorrow I only have one, what are his ties to Russia? I never thought I would ever have a question about the leader of the free world, having some secret connection to the head of Russia. 

Based on the information that we’ve seen, I think that there are some  questions to be asked.  First, the unverified dossier stated a couple of facts or alternative facts.  We don’t know yet but there were two things that the Russian government wanted to accomplish; number one, undermining the legitimacy of our voting and number two, getting the sanctions the US has against them lifted.  

Seems like Trump has gone out of his way to delegitimize our voting system. Although he won the election, he has been hellbent on starting an investigation on voter fraud. The fact that he was elected is enough to cause a lot of people to question the legitimacy of our voting system.  Why would a president take this type of stance on voter fraud, he won.  

Trump has said multiple times that he would consider lifting the sanctions on Russia. That was the second agenda of the Russian government according to the unverified dossier.

Recently Russian spies have been arrested for treason.  We don’t know if that information is tied to the dossier leak. 


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    That’s a wise answer to a tricky queoitsn


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