Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:44 UTC+0
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Trump’s Press Conference, More Harm than Good?

Whoa, I’m still reeling from Trumps first solo press conference.  I’m almost at a loss for words….almost.  Once again, the American people were embarrassed, in front of the world as Trump delivered a tragic comedy of a press conference.  I wanted to count the lies but I ran out of fingers and toes then gave up.

Somehow I wonder if disasters like this will be presented as evidences during his impeachment trial.  He denied ties to Russia.  Stated he had nothing to do with Russia, no loans, no business deals, no phone calls mexcept those made in a presidential capacity.

One of his more surprising statements was that he would have directed Flynn to speak to the Russians about sanctions before the election.  Flynn was fired for lying to Pence only.  In what world does this make sense.  We have on President at a time for a reason.  More than that, the Russians were helping him win the Presidency.  

Trump is corrupt and the press conference was filled with lies.  The press conference was a rally to fire up his base.  At this point, the base is the least of his problems, he needs to win over the rest of America.  Crazy, falsehood filled press conferences are not the way to win the Trust of the American people.  This press conference did little to instill confidence in the American people.


  1. Ellen Trumpler
     /  Reply

    It appears fairly obvious the Russians had a lot of interest in Trump getting elected and the possibility of a “collusion” between Trump’s campaign and Russia in our Elections was fairly high. What will motivate the Republicans to embrace a full investigation into this matter….especially when that Party is in control of both the House and the Senate?? Fear? A global economic downturn? The thought of losing seats in the 2018 elections?? It is all quite mysterious …and we are certainly in an “un-presidented” situation.

    • Blackchild006
       /  Reply

      Thank you for your response. This is a very scary situation. Whatever Russia’s intentions are, they’re not good for America.

      • Satch
         /  Reply

        here that says he believes Israel’s and America’s interests are the same. Just that they are both democracies that have enemies. I disagree with his use of &#;8208democracyࢭ to describe Israel, and to some extent, America, but nowhere does he say America and Israel are one and the same, or if you fight for Israel, you fight for America and vice versa.


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