Saturday, 16/12/2017 | 10:31 UTC+0
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Trump’s Ties to Russia Being Investigated….What’s Next?

Comey confirmed what Americans have suspected, the FBI is investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.  Today is a good day for the resistance.  Comey also asserted the Russians interfered in the US election to undermine confidence in America Democracy.  Now, what happens next?

If it’s found that Trump and his team colluded with Russia, was the election invalid?  Normally if a President steps down, the VP becomes President but if the election is deemed to be invalid, who becomes President?

Should Hillary Clinton become President by default?  Should we have a special election, if so who would be President during that election?

One thing is for certain, if Trump and his team are found guilty of working with Russia in a nefarious way, the entire administration has to go.  We can not go though the normal line of succession.

What are your thoughts?  How should America proceed?


PS Mr. President, what will the FBI find?

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  1. Kathleen Bryant
     /  Reply

    Every single day there is something new. We are all Americans and I know we can hate each other but the Russians? When did we start to bow down and take that. This is real wake up an smell the coffee or learn Russian you choose


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