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Was the Polling Right Did Hillary Really Win the Election 

Polling has been very accurate over the years.  During Obama’s first election, I was taking an upper division analysis class.  My Professor explained the accuracy of good polling.  I was unsure Obama would be elected but the polling continued to predict he would become president.      We had our regular course work but occasionally the Professor would say, “Obama is still on track to become President.”  

Election night I was nervous and jittery.  I stayed up late the night of the Bush Gore election and woke up to no results the next morning, I expected something similar.  I decided to swifer the floor to past the time, I doubted we’d know who the President Elect was that night.  I was wrong, my Professor and the polling was right.  Barack Obama was announced President Elect and my children saw me cry for the first time.  

My children did not understand the significance of that moment, they started crying because I was crying.  I tried to explain that I was crying for joy, I never thought I would see an African American President in my lifetime.  They didn’t understand, they still don’t, they are privileged to believe anything is possible.  They grew up with an African American President.

Eight years later Trump was announced President Elect.  My kids were doing their own thing that night.  I watched the news alone. I’d assured my dear Mother Hillary Clinton would win but their was doubt.  I knew the certainty of polling but I was still doubtful.  There was one incident that concerned me, the Bradly Effect.  Years earlier, Tom Bradly ran for Mayor of Los Angeles.  Polling predicted he would become Mayor.  The city was shocked when his opponent was elected.  He would later become the First African American Mayor of Los Angeles but that night he was defeated.  Apparently White voters did not want to admit they would not vote for him and lied to pollsters.  

I was afraid people lied to pollsters, embarrassed to admit they would vote for Trunp.  The night of the election I watched state after state turn red on the election map.  I went to bed knowing Trump would become President Elect.  I figured it was the Bradley Effect and went to bed sad.

Now I ask, was the polling wrong?  We’ve recently learned the Russians hacked state voter registration rolls. New information surfaced from Louise Mensch’s Patribotics Blog alleging Trump’s Administration fed information to the Russians about certain areas. Did the Russians sway the election in key areas by affecting the voter rolls? Time and time again Trump has blamed others for things his Administration is guilty of, did voter fraud come from his camp with help from Russia.  

Why did the Russians attack individual voting rolls?  Maybe the polling was right and Hilary Clinton is the ligitimate President.  There is no precedent for voter fraud on this level.  If true would the election be invalid?  Would Hillary Clinton become President by default? There are more questions than answers.

PS Mr. President, What have you done?



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