Tuesday, 20/2/2018 | 9:47 UTC+0
Daily Dumb Trump

Will Republicans Put Party Over Country and Avoid Russian Investigation 

It felt like we reached some sort level of normalcy.  Flynn and other Trump advisers had been communicating with Russia.  Flynn stepped down and an investigation was on its way.  An investigation is on its way, Right?  I’m waiting….any minute now.  Nope, Republicans are now comparing Russian interference with America’s interference with the foreign affairs in other countries.   What???  The Republicans are attempting to normalize this issue.  No investigation needed but leakers should be punished……

What has to happen here?  The Republicans would rather keep power than admit we need to investigate the White House’s ties to Russia.  Talk about party over country.  Just when we thought this nightmare was coming to the end we reach a new low.  The Republicans would rather keep a traitor in the White House than lose power.

Where do we go from here?  We fight, we don’t accept this as normal.  We use our voices and most importantly we use our vote.  For every America that stayed home on Election Day, does voting seem a little more important now?   We have a monster for President.  The world knows and the Republican congress will avoid an investigation and condemn leakers.

According to the unverified dossier, which is being verified little by little, the Russians had one goal, to undermine democracy.  Well they are doing a hell of a job.  They’re mission is being supported not only by our President but by the Republican majority.

This is still America, right?  You’re damn right it is and we won’t allow our country to be hijacked by Russia!  


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